Greater Spotted Eagle

Aquila clanga

  • Summer of Belarussian Greater Spotted Eagles in the nest camera lens

    Tihon looking at the camera lens in Belarus.We have some news from the Belarus. The "Conservation of native birds" issued an article about this year's breeding season presenting some photos from the installed nest cameras. The full article (in Belarussian) is available ...

  • Greater Spotted Eagle Day

    Nil - Greater Spotted Eagle form Biebrza.September 8th is the Greater Spotted Eagle Day. On that day we would like to wish all Spotted Eagles a safe and happy existance, and all the researchers and bird lovers many unforgettable moments in the field!

  • Summertime is playtime

    Greater Spotted Eagle - origamiSummer has just started, so it is time to rest and play. Here is how to do it when you like Greater Spotted Eagles according to the APB-BirdLife Belarus. Their suggestion is to make one the origami style.

    Let's play and enjoy! The scheme can be downloaded directly from the organization's site.

  • Winter observation of a spotted eagle in Poland

    A spotted eagle observed and photographed by Esteban Sanchez in Białowieża.On January 05th in Bialowieża, NE Poland, an interesting observation of a spotted eagle took place. Wintering birds of spotted eagle group are very rare in Poland, so this information is some kind of a sensation. In addition this individual is rather pale in plumage, although the quality of the photos does not allow to specify the exact

  • Greater Spotted Eagle named Bird of the Year 2019 for Belarus

    Belarussian Greater Spotted Eagle, photo S. Havrancik.Good news from Belarus: Greater Spotted Eagle was named Bird of the Year 2019.

    Belarus remains the main European territory for the species. With the estimated population of 120-160 pairs it is the biggest, after Russian, in the entire world. Unfortunately ongoing environmental changes and following hybridisation make the future of the species uncertain. That makes the conservation of the species in the

  • Meeting Tõnn

    Tõnn during his autumn migration over Germany.Tõnn seems to be the most famous inhabitant of Estonia and definitely the most famous Greater Spotted Eagle of the world. Born in 2008, as a juvenile bird he was fitted with a satellite transmitter and since then has become a celebrity. Without leaving Europe until winter 2010 he already visited 15 countries becoming popular among birdwatchers searching for "the eagle with the antenna". In 2016 the transmitter was replaced with a logger. Without an antenna.

  • Miserable 2016 Season

    Witold, one of the few remaining ringed adult Greater Spotted Eagles on Biebrza.The 2016 breeding season has ended. It was yet another extremely dry year on Biebrza which had its consequences for all species of the Spotted Eagles. The lack of water here means basically lack of food. Biebrza resembled a desert, at least compared to what tis territory used to be in the past. Thousands of water birds, usually attracted by the vast

  • Spring 2016

    Despite the draught it is still possible to see on Biebrza what is impossible to witness in other parts of this planet. Here 8 Cranes and 2 Greater Spotted Eagles. The third one did not fit in within the</a></p>...</div></div></article>    </li>
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    One summer day

    Our "cover page" Greater Spotted Eagle Nil, now without the logger, working hard to feed yet another generation of Biebrza eagles.It is summer. And sun, sun and sun on Biebrza. Although the air is still chilly and the temperature at night falls to 6 degrees. Dream weather for

  • 2015 Breeding Season continues

    Greater Spotted Eagle Aquila clanga

    This year's breeding season for Greater Spotted Eagles started despite of the second in succession draught on Biebrza. Spring floods are rare, causing an unusual situation where during the migration peak even the famous Ruffs were hard to find, when normally thousands of them can be observed anywhere, including the sky over the Grzedy forest lodge.

Greater Spotted Eagle


 Çığırğan qartalça


 Голям креслив орел


 Àguila cridanera


 Orel volavý





Wielka Brytania Greater Spotted Eagle


 Águila moteada


 Aigle criard


 Rajawali Totol


 Aquila clanga


 მყივანი არწივი


 Didysis erelis rėksnys


 Fekete sas


 വലിയ പുള്ളിക്കഴുകൻ


Mauretania ठिपक्यांची घार


 Burung Lang Bintik


 Бор бүргэд










 Acvilă țipătoare


 Большой подорлик


 Veliki klinkač




 Större skrikörn


 Büyük orman kartalı


 Підорлик великий








 Orol škvrnitý


 Vidējais ērglis


 Orao klokotaš


 Голем орел кликач

In the "Grzędy" Forest Lodge:

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