Spring 2016

Despite the draught it is still possible to see on Biebrza what is impossible to witness in other parts of this planet. Here 8 Cranes and 2 Greater Spotted Eagles. The third one did not fit in within the frame..

Yet another dry year on Biebrza. Katastrophy for the nature. Paradise for those who dug all the ditches - finally the marshes can be accessed by tractors dropping tons of fertilizers. The fertilizing producers are content as well. So who actually cares about the nature? Nobody. Nature itself has to adapt. Get used to tractors, fertilizers, corns. Which does not mean the naature has the right to eat corn. Oh no! For eating corn within the Park the death sentence is the reward - so the shooting of the Wild Boars continues. This is the sad reality within the Biebrza Valley.

Last year 5 Greater Spotted Eagles were born on Biebrza, despite the draught. 4 of them left the nests. The number is lower than in previous years, but high as for the conditions. Contrary to the situation of the Lesser Spotted Eagles which breeding success did not reach 30%. The whole population of this species suffered last year within the whole territory. Worth mentioning is the fact that most of them started the spring migration relatively late and did not even attempt to breed.

This year all seems to be quite normal. Birds of both species are in their territories. Unfortunately for some GSE pairs an unpleasant surprise awaited on their arrival - the White-Tailed Eagles occupied their territories. Luckily enough the GSEs managed to find another places for themselves on Biebrza. The sunny weather makes them now frequently soar over the sky so sometimes even 3 birds can be observed in one thermal chimney.

Let's keep our fingers crossed this year!